Let’s Ditch Dirty Power and Energize Responsibly

It’s spring — finally! The cold of winter is melting away, buds are bursting into flowers, trees are becoming green again, and we’re all making a bee line for the outdoors. Time to get out the bike, the running shoes, the bat and ball, and PLAY! But, what are we all breathing while we’re soaking up the glorious sun?

Turns out Maryland has a problem with smog and air pollution. In 2012, 11 out of 15 counties studied earned a failing grade for air quality from the American Lung Association. Also, Baltimore County experienced 32 Code Red or Code Orange Ozone days in 2012, enough to receive an F in the ALA’s State of the Air Report.

So how does this impact us?

Ozone pollution has serious health effects, and disproportionately affects the young, elderly, and people who exercise outside.  Ozone pollution causes shortness of breath, coughing, asthma attacks, increased susceptibility to respiratory infections and more. Baltimore leads the state of Maryland in asthma deaths and has one of the nation’s highest rates of hospitalization for children with asthma.

Wind Power means Cleaner Air

We don’t have to sit back and breathe that! We can choose to support the development of clean wind power. If wind power development continues at the pace it has recently experienced, by 2016, the US could reduce air pollution by 108,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 79,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, two primary causes of air pollution.

By changing your electricity supply to wind power, you have the same impact as planting a football field of trees or removing 2 cars from the road annually.  Together, we add up to support wind power development and reduce air pollution.  If 1,000 people switch their home to wind power this spring, we will collectively offset 20,532,224 pounds of carbon dioxide this year.

Energize Responsibly

Join us this spring as we kick off Energize Responsibly: our initiative to motivate 1,000 people in the Baltimore area to pledge to ditch dirty air.   Live and breathe healthier by taking the pledge to support wind power at home.

We’re not all doom and gloom! By taking the pledge, you’re entered to win prizes like a Specialized bike, a ChicoBag DayPacker filled with goodies, Charm City Run gift cards, and more. We’re also participating in super fun outdoor activities to get us all moving this spring.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and ditch dirty power!