Who We Are

The Clean Currents mission is to energize communities for a clean energy future by enabling individuals and businesses to make responsible choices that protect their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact.

Since 2005, Clean Currents has helped 10,000 individuals and 3,000 businesses make the switch to wind power in Maryland, DC and Pennsylvania. We’ve also donated over $20,000 to community greening projects through our award winning Green Neighborhood Challenge program.

Here is our pledge:

Exclusively GreenWe sell only clean energy. Supporting the development of renewable energy is the reason for our existence, not just a way we market to the green consumer.

Exceptional Customer ServiceWe pick up the phone when you call, and we listen. We love our customers and think they are some of the most inspiring and innovative businesses and individuals! We want to make sure you love us back, so we do our best to serve you

Community EngagementWe show up at local events, roll up our sleeves, and help build a greener community. As part of this, we support progressive environmental legistlation like the Offshore Wind Act in Maryland.

Operate SustainablyWe practice what we preach at our office and in our lives.We are a Certified Green Businesses at our Silver Spring headquarters by the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program. We were also the first electricity supplier to be a B Corporation and Benefit LLC – incorporating our commitment to the environment and our community into our legal structure. Our internal employee green teams are always looking for ways to make our office operations less wasteful.