You Can Move House the Green Way

Move House Green Way

If you’ve been trying to reduce your impact on Mother Earth, you might be caught in a conundrum when it comes time to move house. Home removals can be extremely wasteful, and people often don’t realize there are lots of greener ways to go through the process.

No More Cardboard Boxes

According to Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, if you know that house removals use up to 50 or more cardboard boxes on average? That equates to one large tree, and all just to move your things from one location to the next. What happens to all that cardboard after it’s been used one time? It is sometimes recycled, which is good but still uses a considerable amount of resources. Otherwise, the boxes are just throw away and add to the already high pollution of the planet. Instead of using cardboard boxes to move home, why not think about a more eco-friendly option?

Getting some used cardboard boxes is a good way to do things. However, the boxes are going to need to be junked eventually. They can only be re-used a certain number of times before the material becomes too damaged. It’s better to start with something more environmentally friendly right from the start, and discourage the use of cardboard boxes completely.

Here are just a few great alternatives to typical materials for moving:

  1. Use what you have. One of the best ways to help protect your planet is to use your imagination. Get creative and look at what you already own. Wrapping your valuables in things like sheets, towels, and blankets is a wonderful way to reduce your waste. These are all things that you would need to pack anyway, so you’re saving space while also cutting drastically down on your waste. Why, you can even use your own clothes to cushion your fragile goods as you pack them.
  2. Plastic bins. If you are hiring someone to move your things, try to find a home remover who offers re-usable plastic bins. You might have to rent them for an extra fee, but buying cardboard boxes would cost you anyway. Alternatively, there are companies that rent out these containers. A plastic bin can be reused hundreds of times before it will start to show signs of wear and tear. They can also be stacked quickly easily and make moving a lot easier. If you can’t find anyone to rent these plastic bins from, consider buying some and then keeping them for use at your home. Or, you can sell them once you’re done.
  3. Green alternatives for packing materials. You can find more Earth-friendly packing materials out there, instead of using things like foam, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. While these items are very effective for keeping your household items safe during a move, they’re terrible for the planet and take ages to degrade. You can find alternatives that are made from renewable substances, including corn starch and vegetable-based oils. Look around for a certified renewable manufacturer for your next move.

New Home, New Habits

Maybe you haven’t been a very green person up until now, but you’re trying to change things. Moving into a new home is a great time to wipe the slate. Look around your new residence and do things right this time. Use low energy light bulbs, cut down on water waste, and try to recycle or upcycle things instead of buying new and throwing things away.