Home Removals the Eco-Safe Way

home furniture removals

If you were to ask Brilliance Removalists Melbourne you would learn that plenty of people are embracing a more green way of living, but get stuck when it’s time to home furniture removals. This is not something that your average person thinks about much, until it comes time for them to move home themselves. Yes, it is absolutely possible to stay eco-friendly when you are moving.

Think about all the waste that quickly adds up when you move from one home to another:

  • Gas for vehicles
  • Packing foam and peanuts
  • Plastic from all sorts of products
  • Mountains of cardboard boxes
  • And the list goes on

And there are things that will no doubt end up in landfill in the near future. Is that how you want to mark the milestone of moving into your new home?

Moving is stressful enough, but you can be considerate of the environment with just a few easy tips. Here are some great ways you can make your next home removal a green one:

  • Don’t move everything. Now, no one is suggesting that you just throw a bunch of stuff away. That could hardly be considered very environmentally friendly, could it? But think about the things that you’re going to take with you. Do you need all of those things that have just been sitting in your closet or attic all this time? Don’t load them up and waste gas moving them to your new home, just so they can sit for further years without use. Have a garage sale instead, and you can lighten your moving load while making some extra cash on the side, and all from things you don’t want or need any more. If a garage sale isn’t your thing, just give some things away to goodwill.
  • Forgo bubble wrap. Just about everyone seems to love this stuff, and it is admittedly fun to pop those little plastic bubbles of air. However, this stuff is terrible for the environment. You can get old newspaper and use that to wrap your things instead, or use your towels to protect your valuables. This way, you can save space on packing them too.
  • Recycle boxes. It’s far too tempting to just buy a bunch of brand new boxes for your home removal. Instead, why not look for people who are selling or giving away boxes they no longer need? Everyone ends up moving at some point, so you can find a lot of people who need to unload their old packing materials. Once you are finished with your boxes, you can either do the same thing, or recycle them directly. You could always buy crates made of wood or plastic and re-use them once you’re finished.

  • Avoid many small trips. Do you think you can move most of your things in your car? It’s unlikely that you can do this one just one trip, or even two. Not to mention, you are never going to be able to fit your furniture in a regular car. Even if you have access to a van, you are going to need to make many trips to get everything moved. That is far from economical, in terms of gas use. Hiring one big removal truck is a greener option, despite how un-green those larger vehicles might look. They’re built to move large loads of things while using the least amount of fuel possible, but your car or van certainly is not.