Wind Power FAQs – Switch to Green Energy

How can I switch my home to wind power?

Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania have deregulated electricity markets. This means that residents (or businesses) in these places can choose their electricity supplier (you don’t have to remain with your local utility). When you switch to Clean Currents Wind Power, you are switching the source of your home’s electricity to carbon-neutral wind power.

Clean Currents offers TWO distinct wind power products:

  1. Neighborhood Wind™  Get the highest quality Green-e Energy certified wind power locally produced in Pennsylvania. You’re helping to increase the share of renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic’s regional electricity grid.
  2. National Wind RECs  Support the domestic wind power industry with Green-e Energy certified National Wind sourced from wind farms located across the United States.  Wind power that’s affordable.

Neighborhood or National – the choice is yours but the results are the same – greater demand for wind power and a larger share of wind power in the electricity grid.  By choosing wind power for your home through Clean Currents you are helping to decrease your carbon footprint by offsetting the emissions from your electricity use with clean renewable wind power.

If I switch to Clean Currents, does my local utility no longer serve me?

Your local utility will always be your electric distributor, regardless of what company you choose as your electric supplier.  Even if you switch to Clean Currents, your local utility will continue to service your home as your electric distributor.

What separates Clean Currents from other competitive electric suppliers?

At Clean Currents, we pride ourselves on our environmental accomplishmentsand our exclusive focus on green energy.  We were founded in 2005 by Maryland entrepreneurs who had a vision of creating a top-notch green energy company committed to creating a cleaner, greener environment. Since then, Clean Currents has grown into the Mid-Atlantic’s leading, independent green energy company.  Clean Currents has won numerous awards, and is a certified green business and a certified B Corporation.

Clean Currents lives by the moniker of “A For-Profit Company with a Non-Profit Mission.”  By this we mean that we live and breathe green every day. It is not just a marketing ploy for us.  We have built a vibrant green community in the area (numbering over 10,000), of which our “Green Neighborhood Challenge ” is the cornerstone. We are very active in local and regional politics; lobbying for tougher environmental standards and improved climate and renewable energy legislation. We only offer green products (50% wind or 100% wind power) whereas other suppliers simply dabble in clean energy while still selling carbon-sourced, polluting power. Our residential wind power rate is also fixed rather than variable. All you have to do is look at the home mortgage crisis to learn that fixed rates are much safer and easier to account for than variable rates. In short, Clean Currents strives to provide the best quality and value for our customers. We are more than a clean energy company – we are a leader in the green revolution.

Will I lose power if the wind turbines stop spinning?

NO! When you switch your electric supply to Clean Currents, the electricity that powers your home will still be delivered through the grid. This means that there is NO change to the dependability of power to your house.

Who will bill me?

You will continue to receive ONE bill from your local utility.  But instead of being charged your local utility’s electric rate, you will be charged the Clean Currents wind power rate. You will see “CCES” (Clean Currents Electicity Supplier) noted on your bill under Generation and Transmission.

What happens if I move in the middle of my contract?

If you move in the middle of the contract, you will NOT face any penalty. If you move to a new residence within our service territory you will have to enroll as a new customer since contracts are connected to properties.

What is the penalty if I cancel my contract?

If you cancel your agreement before the end of your contract, Clean Currents charges an early termination fee of the lessor of $150 or $20 per month remaining in your agreement. The Fee is waived if cancellation is due to change of residence.

Where are the wind farms that Clean Currents gets its wind energy from?

Clean Currents purchases both locally produced wind power, generated in Pennsylvania, for our Neighborhood Wind™ product as well as wind power sourced from wind farms across the United States for our National Wind RECs product. Click HERE to see where our wind farms are located.

What are RECs?

A REC stands for “Renewable Energy Certificate”. RECs were created by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as tools to track clean energy being placed on the grid. One REC is equal to the amount of 1,000 KWh of renewable energy produced. When a clean energy generator such as a wind farm produces electricity, it places that electricity onto the regional electric grid. The electric grid collects electricity from all power producing sources (coal, oil, natural gas, wind, nuclear, hydro, solar, geothermal, etc.) Once power is placed onto the grid it becomes indistinguishable from power from other sources. This aggregated electricity is then transmitted through wires to homes and businesses.

“REC purchasing is the simplest way for organizations and institutions to affect the United States’ electricity generation mix at a national scale.”
– U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

How can I be assured that switching to Clean Currents wind power really makes a difference?

Clean Currents is the only energy company in the region that only offers Green-e Energy certified wind power. Both our Neighborhood Wind™ and National Wind RECs are Green-e Energy certified. Green-e is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions in the retail market. This ensures that all Clean Currents wind power products are legitimate, traceable, and not double counted – meaning that you are directly helping to increase the demand and share of renewable wind power in our nation’s energy mix.

Is switching to Clean Currents all I need to do to help the environment?

While switching to wind power through Clean Currents is a great first step, there are many other actions you can take to decrease your impact on the earth. You can start by reducing your total carbon footprint by driving less/getting a more fuel efficient vehicle, buying locally grown food, and reducing your home’s energy use. It’s also important to contact your elected officials and urge them to support progressive pro-environment legislation. We are not going to solve global warming by small deeds alone. We need to change our laws at all levels of government ;and adopt a workable international agreement. Finally, encourage the businesses where you work or shop to use clean energy and be a part of the solution. 

How do I renew my contract if I live in Pennsylvania?

If you have a fixed term agreement with us and it is approaching the expiration date or if we propose to change our terms of service, we will send you two advance written notifications either in our bills or in a separate mailing between 45 and 90 days before either the expiration date or the effective date of the changes.  We will explain your options in these two advance notices. If you do not respond to the renewal notices, this agreement will convert to a month-to-month agreement that may be cancelled at any time and for any reason with no penalty, unless Customer cancels the renewal of this Agreement by notifying Seller no later than thirty days prior to the end of the term.